Frequently Asked Questions

We accept payments via PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.

To pay by credit, debit or prepaid card, you must choose “Pay by PayPal” once the invoice has been sent to you via e-mail. Then, instead of logging in or creating a PayPal account, you can choose to insert your card’s details for direct payment, on the bottom.

We are responsible only for providing you the best offer we can find, and purchasing the ticket for you upon request. Therefore, any ulterior changes in your flight and the resolution can be dealt with only between you and the airline, just as you would buy the ticket yourself.

We generally work on a 24-hour basis. This means that after you fill in and send us your form or reply to one of our e-mails, you should expect an answer from us, within a day. We know the perfect trip cannot wait, and the ticket prices can change really fast, so we do our best so that our communication moves forward at least as fast.

If our reply takes longer than a day, it is generally due to high volume of requests. For this, we apologize in advance. However, rest assured we do everything we can so you don’t have to worry. Our schedule is 24/7, so we can be here anytime you need us.

For faster communication, we also recommend chatting with us on our facebook page @

We will transfer you the money back (without our service fee) only in case you ask us to purchase the ticket for you and you change your mind (for whatever reason) by notifying us with at least 2 hours prior to the ticket purchase.

The ticket you will get when you check-in. What you will receive from us after your payment is the exact link to where you can book the ticket in just a few steps, and our full assistance here, if needed.

Should you ask us to book it for you, we will do this for a fee of 5EUR, and you will have to transfer us the ticket fee, as well as write us your personal information required by the booking agency. After we purchase it, you shall receive the receipt/confirmation which you usually receive upon purchase, and can use to check-in.

We use only your personal information like full name, phone, date of birth, just as you would purchase it yourself. As long as we communicate by e-mail, you can rest assured that you will receive it correctly. No worries for the security of these details, as we have a strict policy in order to keep them, and you, safe.

We have great respect and admiration towards many of the travel search engines out there; they provide a good ticket search result, however what we felt they are missing is the actual human part, which we add here.

We strive to find the most suitable flight for you, be it the cheapest, most comfortable or by any other requirement. We do this by using our many resources, while also taking in consideration route recommendations, airport locations, layovers, and many more details. Additionally, we have found there is no website/search engine that gets you the cheapest price every time, so we go deeper to make sure we cannot find a better offer.

We also create flight itineraries for you, based on your trip requirements. Apart from this, being a human interaction, we encourage you to write us for recommendations, tips or extra information for your trip.

At the moment, we only search for flight tickets. Please mind that we are not selling tickets, we are only helping you find and buy the most suitable one.

What we earn is just a small commission of 10-15EUR per request and 5EUR for requests up to 99EUR. The offers have included a 15EUR commission in the final price.
*Fees are subject to change based on support requests and/or country/region.

In the Trips section you can choose only one destination, however you can write as many as you want in the Itineraries section, or choose a continent there. If you need help or more information, you can contact us in the help window in the bottom right corner.

You can always write to us in the help window in the bottom right corner, or chat with us at

Regarding our process, we deal exclusively with flight tickets at the moment. Additionally, we can create flight itineraries for you and may offer you some tips and extra information for your trip upon request. Feel free to contact us.

Of course you can. What we offer you compared to that is the security of a good choice as our team of experienced travel enthusiasts will work together to get you the best offer they can find, tailor made for your requirements.

We also know that finding that offer can be tiring and time-consuming, so we want to eliminate these factors so you can be enjoying your trip for just a few clicks.

At the moment we only focus on flight tickets and flight itineraries, however should you happen to pass by a location where our team has been to, you might be in luck for some extra info here, no charge. Our team is international, so provided you land in our cities and we have the time, we would love to meet you and show you around a bit.