About Us


Flying Lemurs was founded in 2016 by a group of visionaries and travel enthusiasts that truly believe discovering the world should be at everybody’s fingertips, which usually means getting where you want cheap, and well informed.

We are striving to solve the biggest issue everyone is facing when trying to satisfy their thirst for adventure: finding the best price for their trip. We understand that this, combined with the lack of time and resources to find a ticket, can discourage you to go on with your plan.

Well, we are here to help you get the best deal possible by using our magic and time, you can just focus on enjoying your trip instead of worrying about the details. If you have a dream trip, just name it! Give us the minimum details, so we can provide you with an offer via email that contains variations of your route with the lowest prices.

The extensive knowledge and experience of our team in creating itineraries guarantee a “treasure map” with your desired destinations in the most enjoyable order and time-frame possible.

Your adventure starts with a 60 second form. The rest is up to us.


Collectively, the lads have been to the Moon and back, searching for wisdom and taking in knowledge. In other words, they are informational sponges, search wizards and resilient honeybees.

Alexandru Vrinceanu
CEO / Lemur Warchief

Indrit Sholla
Lemur Costume Designer


In a world of automated processes, we bring you a warm, human connection, where you can discuss and get valuable recommendations on your trip.

Time is the most precious resource one can possess, so we can offer ours to let you care about what is really important to you, making your trip come true and enjoyable. The fruits of our work will land in your inbox before you can say “take me there”.

When we do a job, we like to make sure it’s done properly. We want you to feel secure and satisfied with our service.

As experienced travelers we all know how much a successful trip means and how it can boost up one’s personality and wanderlust. Our enthusiasm guarantees you that we will treat your dream trip like our own.